​CoquieHughes not only creates material from her own ideas, but she also specializes in working with authors who desire to turn their books into films.  She wrote, directed & edited the acclaimed urban film "THE LIES WE TELL BUT THE SECRETS WE KEEP (2011)" based on the book by Milon V. Parker.  She  wrote the original screenplay for "GIRLS LIKE US! PART 1 (2012)" based on the book by Anike Bay.  Furthermore, she wrote the script revisions as well as directed the movie NIKKI based on the book written by B. Lisa.  Her most recent book-to-script project is Nicole Prince's "BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (2018)".  If you are interested in hiring CoquieHughes to write the screenplay version of your book,  please email her to request a writing sample and a price quote: coquiehughes@gmail.com