"Part of becoming a good filmmaker

is being able to figure it out"

CoquieHughes is a self-described indie showrunner who makes it happen! She prides herself as being an accomplished independent filmmaker who has produced numerous projects with limited resources, yet has managed to garner a significant amount of exposure by building an audience from the ground up.  At one time, she managed to accumulate up to 10 million video views and 100K+ subscribers collectively.  She specializes in branding original scripted content for niche viewers.  She relentlessly works at producing films that are geared towards urban audiences.  To view archived film-works by CoquieHughes please click here.


She is also the founder of Tech Arts Matter, an education startup that provides interactive learning experiences teaching youth tech arts. In addition to being a filmmaker, CoquieHughes is also a playwright and stage director, producing over a dozen stage-plays. She is a native Chicagoan where she currently resides as a single mother with her 13 year old daughter, Peacejourney, and her 11 year old son, Truth. 



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